Dr Debra Livingstone

Photography Judge

Dr Debra Livingston began her career in the non-commercial television industry, studied visual communication and photography, worked for professional studios and agencies and ran her own freelance graphic design studio until 1995.


She lectured in photography and graphic design at the Queensland College of Art (QCA), Griffith University and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) until joining the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in 1999 as a lecturer in Digital Design.


Dr Livingston is actively involved in the design industry, winning a Brisbane Advertising and Design, BAd Person of the Year in 2006 and has exhibited her work locally, nationally and internationally, achieving awards for her graphic design, photography and new photo-media imaging.


Her works are in private and public collections. Dr Livingston was awarded an Australian Learning and Teaching Council citation in 2010 for outstanding contributions to student learning by generating scholarly activities that enhance and influence student learning to extend beyond the classroom, notably, for empowering design students by leading innovative and inspiring practicum experiences through integrating local, national and international professional industry practices into their lives and study.


Professional memberships

•Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA)

•Australian Graphic Design Student Council (AGDA)

•Brisbane Advertising and Design Club (BADC)

•Social Alternatives Journal Editorial Board



•Semi-finalist HeadOn Photograph Portrait Award, 2016

•Finalist The Brisbane Art Prize, 2016

•Finalist HeadOn Photograph Portrait Award, 2015

•Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for outstanding contributions to student learning, (2010), ALTC Research Grants

•Awarded Brisbane Advertising and Design Person of the Year, 2006

•Awarded First Prize for the Museums Australia Multimedia and Publications Awards 2006 (MAPDA) (category: National Design Award for Exhibition Invitation).

•Brisbane Advertising and Design Awards 2003, 2 Silver Awards for Design, Exhibition Catalogue