Mindful Arts Experiences


Janet Hamilton and Heather Gall


Saturday 23 May 2015, 9 am to 4pm


Unleash your creative abundance! Do you have Artists Block? We can help you!


‘Flow…a state of total immersion, effortless concentration and rapt enjoyment in an activity where one loses any sense of space, time and self”.


For a large part of every day, we are locked into using only a portion of our brain. Mindful awareness and meditation rewires and strengthens the parts of the brain responsible for self-regulation, creativity and intuition.


Heather and Janet combine a variety of mindfulness, art and writing activities, a springboard to unleash the full range of your creative abundance, unconscious thoughts and ideas. Opening these pathways can help translate ideas to new ways of seeing, imagining and creating.


$120 per person bring your own materials