Artist in Residence

Buderim artist Teresa Mundt’s career began in her early twenties when she worked as a freelance cartoonist.  She later taught herself to paint using acrylics.  Her cartooning background has left a strong imprint on her current style, and Teresa’s quirky artworks are a fusion of cartoon, caricature and bold colour.


“It is of no interest to me to observe a thing in nature and painstakingly attempt to recreate it in paint.  I never paint from life, or from photographs - I close my eyes and paint the images inside my head.  I love the challenge of dragging something from the depths of my imagination and bringing it to life.  I think it helps to remind others too that their imaginations are powerful and infinite.”


Teresa’s works explore the themes of joy, contentment, humour, and life’s simple pleasures.  Her most popular works depict stylised woman and animals, because she believes “pets are the embodiment of unconditional love”.


Teresa has built a strong following on social media with a series of high-speed art videos demonstrating her unconventional painting process.  Teresa now conducts art workshops for adults, and regularly exhibits in solo and group art exhibitions across south-east Queensland.  Her works are represented in collections in Australia and overseas.


Teresa draws much inspiration from the works of contemporary abstract artists, including Lola Donaghue and Claire Desjardins. “A wonderful, colourful artwork is a reminder that life is good.  Life can be fun, and colourful, if we care to see it that way.  This is the message that I want my artwork to convey.”