Vicky Linnett


Costume, Animatronix & Puppet Fabricator for Film and Television


Vicky graduated from Wimbledon School of Art (UK) with a first class honours degree in Technical Arts & Special effects in 1996.  She began her career by creating the prototype costumes for the Teletubbies and went on to work as a freelance props and animation puppet fabricator for The Wombles.  She worked on a variety of TV shows and films in London at Hensons Creature Workshop (creators of the muppets) and Animated Extras at Shepparton Studios.  In 1999 she moved to Australia and worked on several Aussie productions from The Matrix to Queen of the Damned and Farscape.  Vicky specialises in fabricating foam body suits and character costumes.  Using sculptural materials and fabrics to create new body shapes, animation puppets and mechanical creatures.


Vicky moved back to London in 2002 and continued her work as a fabricator on shows such as The Fimbles and the stage production of The Lion King.  She completed a post graduate degree in teaching and went on to teach fabrication in Higher Education Art Colleges in London for six years.


Working in the film and TV industry proved a difficult commitment after having three children, so Vicky now lives on the Sunshine Coast and has developed her own enamelling business - My Little Keepsake.  She creates stylish enamel keepsakes for babies and children and exhibits at Baby Expos around Australia.