Our feature artists will be holding workshops from Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 May 2015. The workshops provide an opportunity to unleash your creativity, surrounded by the inspiring artwork of the Sunshine Coast creative community and under the guidance of our exceptional feature artists - who happen to have extensive art-teaching backgrounds.


All adult workshops will be taken under the guidance of professional artists.

Please complete page 3 of the form below and return to secure your place.


Entry Fee

The entry fee and required materials are listed against each workshop. All full day workshops will include lunch, with coffee and tea making facilities provided.



Most workshops will be held in classrooms at Immanuel Lutheran College. Please come to the stadium on the day to register and be escorted to your workshop.





- Saturday 23 May Workshops -

Mindful Arts Experiences - Janet Hamilton and Heather Gall (9 am - 4pm)

Unleash your creative abundance! Do you have Artists Block? We can help you!

Collograph Workshop - Victoria Atkins (9 am - 4pm)


The collograph is one of the most inexpensive and most accessible printing techniques there is. The abundance of textures, fine lines, bold to the most subtle are immeasurable. It is a most addictive process.  more...


Photography Workshop - Cheryl Nonmus (9 am - 4pm)


Cheryl is a fully trained and experienced Visual Arts and Photography Teacher.
First half of the day - Camera skills

Second half of the day - Digital Skills


Children's Film Workshops - Activate Entertainment

- ROCKETS IN SPACE 3,2,1 BLASTOFF! - 9am to 10am

Design and build your very own rocket. Then, using a green screen send it into space!

- SUPERHEROES - 11am to 1pm

Ever wanted to save the world? Perhaps you prefer to dominate it. Well this is your chance!

- COPS & ROBBERS - 2pm to 4pm

Step into the world of bank robberies, bad guy chases and saving the day!

- Sunday 24 May Workshops -

The Abstract Landscape: Mixed media - Heather Gall (10 am - 3pm)


Join Heather Gall for a day of fun, outdoors & in the studio classroom whilst practicing techniques to make your landscapes come alive. Wake up your senses. Look and see things differently!  more...


Advanced Painting Workshop - Clive Holden (10 am - 3pm)


Light, perspective, freedom and texture.
As a professional artist, over several decades of painting large murals and works on canvas, I have learned many techniques. An experienced professional finds ways not only to create these special effects, but to do them quickly and efficiently.  more...


Advanced Pastel Workshop - Chris Blake (10 am - 3pm)


Chris is a dynamic tutor and demonstrator, giving speedy and informative demonstrations of technique, while at the same time adding spice with interesting, humorous stories and anecdotes. He ensures that his students learn as much as they can while still having a lot of fun.  more...


Children's Film Workshops - Activate Entertainment

EXTREME FILMMAKING - 10am to 1.30pm

This one is not for the faint hearted. In this workshop you will take filmmaking to the extreme using GoPro cameras.  more...